Online Class Level 1: Soul Restructuring

Online Class Level 1: Soul Restructuring

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The Power of the Elevation of Consciousness is an online course designed to help the student understand and experience, a state of awareness, DNA activation, and an elevation of consciousness to unlock their full human potential.

This course is based on the theory and practice in the books of The Power of the Elevation of Consciousness. It is divided in three levels that represent parallel processes in our various forms of expression:

Level 1 Soul Restructuring

In this level our focus is in experiencing spiritual awareness, you learn to recognize yourself, your true nature, by tapping into the state of awareness; releasing the identification with temporary identifiers that distract you from your true meaning. You learn to restructure the soul with practical exercises to reset each layer; letting go of trapped emotions, blockages ideologies and false beliefs which are the cause for pain, suffering and disease that separate us from experiencing the truth.

All these identifiers that we collect throughout our lives in the physical form create a subjective version of the truth that becomes our perception of reality. After restructuring your soul and releasing it from unnecessary elements that form those false beliefs, you can begin to change your perception of reality towards a more expanded one. Free from the limitations of the temporary aspects of life that we "think" define who we are.

A parallel process of expansion occurs in your physical body and in your consciousness too, but we can only perceive and experience them in a linear progression, given our perception of time.

Once these three processes occur simultaneously, you can reach higher levels of consciousness and experience a much more expanded perception of reality; fewer boundaries and limitations exist within the mind. Reality expands because you, the observer, expand.

Some of the exercises that you will see in the class are:

  • Identifying the source of emotions
  • Tapping
  • Removing blockages to experience the true self
  • Resetting and increasing the frequency of the electromagnetic field
  • Releasing stagnated elements of the emotional body
  • Resetting the mental body
  • Recognizing your life purpose

And more. A total of 19 guided exercises and visualizations.

Level 2 Cellular Activation:

In this level, you will learn to change the chemistry of your physical body, to allow the expansion of your elements through diet, breathing, and movement. This expansion is manifested as significant improvements in your physical functions and their efficiency, as well as in the capacity of the cells to carry higher frequencies than before.

This new physical environment allows a process called cellular activation, in which you can replenish your body with new, healthy, and more efficient cells. In this level, you will learn how to trigger the stem cell production centers to target specific conditions and areas of the body through direct stimulus with breathing, movement, and certain groups of foods.

Level 3: Elevation of Consciousness

In this level you learn the mechanics of the expansion of consciousness. This is not a subjective process, it observes an algorithm; as consciousness expands, your DNA also expands in increments of the golden ratio 1.1618.

Consciousness of the earth, which is the perception that we experience in the physical reality, could have up to six levels of elevation, but most people live their entire lives only at the first level. People who have attained higher consciousness are exceptional cases, and this is not because they are different than anyone else. It is only because they have gained knowledge and control of their elements, just like you are doing in this course.

These classes are accessible through our online school. You can sign up at any time and go at your own pace. You can also download the videos and audio of all the practical exercises to complement your practice, as well as download the workbook to keep track of your progress.

Keep in mind that the objective of this course is to accomplish the activation of your elements. For that to occur, it is necessary to stimulate them intensely and continuously, building momentum until you can trigger their activation.

There will be new elements that come to play an important role in your systems as well, as they are part of the new evolutionary shift, and incorporating them in your systems means that now you can have a better relationship with these evolutionary forces, welcoming them and taking advantage of their benefits, instead of rejecting them and causing conflict at all levels of being.

This course will give you the necessary tools to initiate your process of elevation of consciousness and become your own healer and master.

You also have the books in this series that go hand in hand with the online classes.