Full Reprogramming Appointment

Full Reprogramming Appointment

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A full reprogramming is a transformational experience that can take from 5 to 8 weeks. It starts with the activation of the DNA codes that reestablish the consciousness of the Original Persona or True Self.

This activation also brings to your awareness all that is contained within the Original Persona's blueprint: Life purpose, programs, and information related to your path and mission.

The full reprogramming consists on balancing the energetic elements, emotions, and mental limitations that prevent you from experiencing the true self, removing from your light body all the blockages to embodying the true self, and finally activating the DNA to fully become the self that you were meant to be from your origins.

This therapy is applied by Johanna Bassols personally and uniquely. During the healing she can put emphasis on a particular matter of importance or simply allow the recommendation of your higher self committee to heal and integrate everything that is needed for your most optimal performance.

Visit the healing page for more details and videos.