Full Reprogramming Appointment

Full Reprogramming Appointment

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Reset your operating system and allow the integration of new updated elements. Change your programs, release negative emotions, patterns of behavior and and old, limiting beliefs and ideas.

The reprogramming consultation, consists in an initial 1 hour interview, where the consultant asks some general questions and takes notes of your needs for reprogramming. During this interview, you can let the healer know what you would like to improve or resolve; such as relationships, health conditions, traumatic memories, negative habits, addictions, any behavioral disorders, etc.

The healer will perform a comprehensive reprogramming of all elements making an emphasis in those areas of importance to you, applying the vibrational energy healing services, and fully reprogramming all your systems.  This process could take about ten days.

Once the reprogramming is ready, the healer will contact you to set up a second appointment to go over the results.

If later on, you wish to balance your elements again because of exposure to disturbance; such as excessive drinking, drugs, trauma, surgery that required anesthesia, other medicines that affect the nervous system; or simply because there are new situations in your life that require healing and reprogramming; you can request a follow up appointment for $500.