Book 1: The Power of the Elevation of Consciousness, Soul Restructuring

Book 1: The Power of the Elevation of Consciousness, Soul Restructuring

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Elevated consciousness changes your perspective on life, allowing you to release the false belief of all that is not the true self – disease, pain, suffering and fear.

The first book of the Elevation of Consciousness series, Soul Restructuring, contains the theory and technique to experience true self awareness. Making emphasis on how to clear the soul from any blockages, emotions or other filters that may affect that experience of recognizing the true self.

Disease, pain and suffering, are beliefs of the subjective reality, implanted by society, our ancestors or ourselves. These can be overridden by experiencing the true self, through self-awareness. This state of being that can only be reached in an environment free of emotional/physiological blockages.

All of our beliefs form our perception of reality. This altered perception of reality blurs true reality, the reality of the spirit; in which we are not affected by anything temporary or circumstantial because or true essence is not limited by those beliefs.

In this book you will learn how to reach the state of awareness by restructuring your soul, releasing it from any identification with blockages, emotional charge, false beliefs, negative thoughts and other energetic elements that prevent you from experiencing yourself in your purest form.

Some of the exercises that you will practice are:

  • Identifying the source of emotions
  • Tapping
  • Removing blockages to experience the true self
  • Resetting and increasing the frequency of the electromagnetic field
  • Releasing stagnated elements of the emotional body
  • Resetting the mental body
  • Recognizing your life purpose

And more! A total of 19 guided exercises and visualizations